NDP Statement on the 75th Anniversary of the Nuclear Attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Statement from MP Jack Harris, the NDP Critic for Foreign Affairs
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July 29

Letter to Minister Blair regarding Military Personnel with layovers in St. John's, NL

Dear Minister Blair,
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July 28

Letter to Minister Blair regarding the separation of cross-border couples.

Dear Minister Blair,
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July 22

Study on Systemic Racism in Policing in Canada

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security (SECU) will continue its study on systemic racism in policing in Canada tomorrow, Thursday, July 23.
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July 17

Families need child care more than ever

ST. JOHN’S – As businesses and the economy start re-opening, New Democrats are calling on the government to invest in building a universal child care and early learning system that delivers the help families need to go back to work. The key is ensuring there’s enough money to do the job.
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July 10

NDP: Government needs to warn and protect Canadian travellers

NDP Critic for Foreign Affairs, Jack Harris, made the following statement:
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July 5

Canada must do more to help the people of Hong Kong

In response to the implementation of China’s National Security Act, NDP Foreign Affairs Critic Jack Harris made the following statement:
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June 28

The Liberal government is not doing enough

ST. JOHN’S – New Democrat Foreign Affairs critic, Jack Harris (St. John’s East) released this statement today:
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June 19

Justin Trudeau fails to win UN security seat

Following the announcement that the federal government had failed to win the UN Security seat, NDP Critic for Foreign Affairs Jack Harris made the following statement:
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June 16

Question Period - Harris calls for Public Safety Committee to reconvene, for Minister to  address systemic racism

Mr. Jack Harris: Thank you, Madam Chair… with so many recent reports and video of police using force, sometimes deadly force, and violence against indigenous and black people in Canada, I've called for the public safety committee to reconvene. If the members agree, will the minister come to the committee and provide concrete answers as to how the government intends to address racism inherent in Canada's law enforcement and, in particular, the RCMP?
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