New Democrats call on the government to support airlines workers

ST. JOHN'S – After Air Canada announced it was cutting routes to more rural and northern parts of the country earlier this week, New Democrats are again asking the government to provide support to airlines so that the workers in that field and Canadians depending on these services can take care of their families.
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January 8

New Democrats mark the one year anniversary of the Ukrainian Flight 752 tragedy

OTTAWA – One year ago today, Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 was shot down minutes after taking off from Tehran, Iran. Among the 176 people killed, 138 had ties to Canada as citizens, permanent residents and students, making it a significant Canadian tragedy. As Canadians mark this solemn anniversary, New Democrats mourn with the relatives and loved ones of those who were lost and are again joining with them in the call for answers.
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December 17

A Stop Gap Measure or Postponing the Pain?

Jack Harris, MP, St. John’s East  made the following statement on today’s announcement regarding Muskrat Falls.
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December 14

Liberals go after honest workers, instead of rich CEOs cheating the system

Once again, the Liberals side with large corporations instead of Canadian families after their own lack of clarity around the CERB 
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December 9

How to protect yourself from malware and phishing scams

Jack Harris, MP St. John’s East and NDP critic for Public Safety asked witness Scott Jones, head of the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, for information on cybersecurity and what people can do to protect themselves during the SECU committee.
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November 30

Member's Statement on Genoa Design International

Mr. Speaker, we’re very proud that Newfoundland and Labrador’s Genoa Design is working with Seaspan of Vancouver, a major National Shipbuilding Strategy Partner, and is a key component of Seaspan’s Polar Icebreaker team along with Heddle Shipyards of Ontario.
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November 17

Jack Harris, MP St. John's East, NDP Foreign Affairs Critic spoke on CPC motion on Canada China Foreign Policy in the House of Commons:

Mr. Jack Harris (St. John's East, NDP): Mr. Speaker, I am pleased today to join in the opposition day motion presented by the member for Wellington—Halton Hills.
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November 5

Jack Harris spoke on dental care in House of Commons

Jack Harris spoke on dental care when the NDP tabled an Opposition Day Motion on the Wealth Tax which includes taxing the ultra-rich 1% on wealth over $20 Million and an excess profits tax. We need to re-invest in livable basic income, dentalcare and Pharmacare, and Affordable Housing, particularly among the Indigenous communities.
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October 30

Harris asks Minister to release findings of investigation into export of arms

Jack Harris, MP for St. John's East and NDP Foreign Affairs Critic asks for the foreign affairs minister to release detailed findings of his investigation.
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October 29

Foreign Affairs Committee passes Harris' motion to study Canada's arms exports

Today, the Foreign Affairs Committee (FAAE) of the House of Commons passed my motion to study Canada's arms exports, with a special focus on Turkey.
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