Canada's NDP


December 14th, 2020

Liberals go after honest workers, instead of rich CEOs cheating the system

Once again, the Liberals side with large corporations instead of Canadian families after their own lack of clarity around the CERB

ST. JOHN’S– In the middle of the second wave of the pandemic and with the holidays fast approaching, Canadians are still struggling to figure out how they’ll get through these tough times. Instead of helping families who have been in receipt of CERB through the pandemic, the Liberals are unfairly penalizing workers who applied for the CERB in good faith while letting large corporations off the hook.

“This Liberal government is going after self-employed workers, including many artists, who applied for the CERB in good faith and according to the Liberals own instructions,” said NDP MP Jack Harris (St. John’s East). “We have heard from many people contacting my constituency office who are frightened by the letters they have received from CRA and feel threatened by the prospect of having to repay a lot of money.”

“Meanwhile the Liberal government is refusing to hold big corporations accountable who received financial support from the government and then turned around and paid massive dividends to their already rich shareholders. This is cruel and unfair. Having one set of rules for the wealthy and big corporations and another for ordinary people struggling to get by is grossly unfair. People need this support now more than ever.”

“The Liberals must follow the Motion they voted for in April that “those who have applied in good faith for and received benefits through CERB or other programs to support them through this crisis will not be unjustly penalized,” said Harris. – 30 –